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you are my star, i'm your number one fan

yeonah's lj

연아 (YeonAh)
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K-Pop Crazy!I love to write.Design makes the world go round.
Hey there! My name is YeonAh (that isn't my real name silly), and I've been a k-pop fangirl for 5 years. I know more about k-pop than many of my asian friends!

My favorite bands are: SS501, Super Junior, TVXQ/JYJ, SM☆SH, BEAST, SHINee, B1A4.
That would make me... green pea elf cassie I-don't-even-know-what b2uty shawol bana =D ! Oh I give up, just list me under every single fanclub there is.
Most of what you'll find on my LJ will be fanfiction. Most of it... 'boys love' fanfiction ^^;; Don't like, don't bash, don't read. Massive disclaimer, I do NOT own the people in the stories (read: fanfiction). Though I might rework some of the stories to be actually published one day. As you can probably tell by the huge amount of stories, I LOVE to write. Also, check out my fanfic-roleplay community with Saengiephile, Copy & Paste. Currently studying in design, and I love graphic design \o/ So you might find the odd layout/wallpaper/something around here. I like helping out with things I can use in my portfolio, so if you have a proposition, ring me up! ;)
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